About Us


Leadership Team

Saurabh Chandra
Saurabh is passionate about autonomous robots for enterprise applications. He is crafting a customer centric organization that delivers scalable factory and warehouse material movement solutions. Saurabh founded Neev, that was acquired by Razorfish.
Dr Naveen Arulselvan
Dr Naveen owns the technology vision and delivery for Ati. He has worked on algorithms for mapping, safety-centric planning and vehicle control. He is also a visiting faculty in the center for Cyberphysical systems at IISc, Bangalore. Previously, his work involved wireless network design at Motorola and Altiostar (now part of Raakuten).
Chief Technical Officer
Krishna Panyam
Krishna is responsible for all aspects of autonomy, with focus on frictionless deployment. He worked at JED-i, focusing on machine learning, Cisco and Centura.
Chief Architect
Guruprasad Krishnamurthy
Prasad is responsible for deployment and support of Sherpas and is passionate about deploying bots worldwide. He held senior technical positions at Sun, Motorola and Amazon.
VP Deployments
Dr Rengarajan Seshadri
Dr Rengarajan is the head of Customer Experience. Rengs brings extensive technical acumen to marketing & sales, leveraging navigation and perception experience to craft solutions to ensure smooth material movement. His humor keeps the org's vibe lighthearted. He was the CTO of Routematic.
VP Customer Experience
Siddharth Bhagra
Siddharth leads Global sales at Ati motors. He brings 17 years of professional experience in Electrical Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 tech, effectuating Product and Client facing roles.
VP Sales
Dominic Bescky
Dominic brings deep expertise and passion, gained over 28 years of experience in India and the US, to lead Manufacturing Operations. He manages Operations, Supply Chain and Delivery to take Sherpa bots to volume.
VP Manufacturing
Shawn Crasta
Shawn heads Human Resources at Ati Motors. With over 16 years of varied experience, he is adept at designing, setting up, administering, and improving the HR function. He is certified on multiple Strategy and Psychometric tools and is a certified Entrepreneurship and Business Coach. He is also a GLEAC Power Skill Mentor for Leadership.
VP Human Resource